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US-2010150998-A1: Vaccines for malaria patent, US-2011137485-A1: System for emergency power supply in case of power grid failure patent, US-2011250228-A1: Compositions and Methods for Identifying and Targeting Cancer Cells of Alimentary Canal Origin patent, US-2012073345-A1: Energy-saving rolling mill train and energy-saving process for operating a combined casting and rolling station patent, US-2012092522-A1: Imaging apparatus, method and program patent, US-2012227914-A1: Trolleys, partition systems including such trolleys, and related methods patent, US-2012269683-A1: Nano-enhanced evanescence integrated technique (neet) based microphotonic device and sample analysis system patent, US-2012277227-A1: Benzimidazole inhibitors of leukotriene production patent, US-2012288161-A1: Method of high-throughput pollen extraction, counting, and use of counted pollen for characterizing a plant patent, US-2013036515-A1: Banana MADS-Box Genes for Banana Ripening Control patent, US-2013071757-A1: Solid electrolyte material, lithium battery, and method of producing solid electrolyte material patent, US-2013203837-A1: PREPARATION OF MICROVESICLE-siRNA COMPLEXES AND USE THEREOF IN AIDS TREATMENT patent, US-2013303803-A1: Method for purifying a chlorine supply patent, US-2014371283-A1: Hydantoins that modulate bace-mediated app processing patent, US-2015007867-A1: Photoelectric conversion device, manufacturing method thereof, and photoelectric conversion module patent, US-2015045909-A1: Highly porous polyvinyl hydrogels for cartilage resurfacing patent, US-2010330031-A1: Polypeptide having an improved cytosine deaminase activity patent, US-2011125370-A1: Device and process for automatic locking of a steering column patent, US-2011178018-A1: Novel selenium-containing compounds patent, US-2011198616-A1: Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same patent, US-2011292226-A1: Control circuit and control method for motor patent, US-2012071428-A1: Nanocrystalline photocatalytic colloid, a method of producing it and its use patent, US-2012164190-A1: Nanoparticle isoflavone compositions & methods of making and using the same patent, US-2012268693-A1: Cellulose acylate film, polarizer and liquid crystal display device patent, US-2013015529-A1: Semiconductor device structure and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2013134449-A1: Display panel and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2013225791-A1: Microreactor and method for preparing a radiolabeled complex or a biomolecule conjugate patent, US-2013297416-A1: Systems, apparatuses and methods for verifying consumer activity and providing value to consumers based on consumer activity patent, US-2014160572-A1: Methods for producing lens arrays patent, US-2014161719-A1: Porphyrin modified telodendrimers patent, US-2014180075-A1: System and method for imaging subsurface of specimen patent, US-2014251947-A1: Method and apparatus for light induced etching of glass substrates in the fabrication of electronic circuits patent, US-2014315781-A1: Methods of treating fatty liver disease with helminth-derived glycan-containing compounds patent, US-2010143847-A1: Photosensitive self-assembled monolayer for selective placement of hydrophilic structures patent, US-2010298758-A1: Method for non-therapeutic or therapeutic photodynamic skin treatment patent, US-2011049515-A1: Chip structure with bumps and testing pads patent, US-2011236251-A1: Magensium-based alloy for high temperature and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2012077090-A1: Positive electrode active material for lithium primary cell patent, US-2012111605-A1: Curable sol-gel composition patent, US-2012128538-A1: Adjustable pressure microreactor patent, US-2012171037-A1: Probe assembly for use in turbine engines and method of assembling same patent, US-2013089740-A1: Synthesis and use of iron oleate patent, US-2014262217-A1: Wear Resistant Coatings For Radial Bearings and Downhole Tools patent, US-2010259890-A1: Composite solder tim for electronic package patent, US-2011003125-A1: Glass product and a method for manufacturing a glass product patent, US-2011010505-A1: Resource management cache to manage renditions patent, US-2011049459-A1: Non-volatile memory device including phase-change material patent, US-2012020679-A1: Image forming apparatus patent, US-2012102508-A1: Disk drive including a noise reduction unit and method of reducing noise by using the disk drive patent, US-2012199982-A1: Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2013102003-A1: Point-of-Care Immunoassay for Quantitative Small Analyte Detection patent, US-2013173653-A1: Path composition for planning patent, US-2013323898-A1: Method of lithography process with an under isolation material layer patent, US-2014130732-A1: Wafer holder cleaning apparatus and film deposition system including the same patent, US-2014290686-A1: Gentle oxidative hair treatment with oxidizing agent and special starch derivative patent, US-2010209145-A1: Capsule toner, two-component developer, and image forming apparatus patent, US-2010213207-A1: Detachable Sanitary Cover for Dispenser and Method of Using Same patent, US-2010229720-A1: Systems, methods, and apparatus for capturing co2 using a solvent patent, US-2011163064-A1: Carrier for manufacturing printed circuit board, method of manufacturing the same and method of manufacturing printed circuit board using the same patent, US-2011177765-A1: Sharpener for tweezers patent, US-2011218421-A1: Device and method for reducing the heart rate of a patient, and apparatus having the device patent, US-2011301741-A1: Aircraft component manufacturing method and apparatus patent, US-2012046261-A1: Compositions and methods for diagnosing and preventing spontaneous preterm birth patent, US-2013069139-A1: Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing same patent, US-2013118470-A1: Metal rack for an oven appliance patent, US-2013217613-A1: DPY-30 Binding Peptides patent, US-2013258610-A1: Semiconductor chip device with vented lid patent, US-2011046027-A1: Nano graphene-modified lubricant patent, US-2012140296-A1: Image reader, light guide used for the same, and method of making light guide patent, US-2013154193-A1: Seal for a Journal Assembly for a Pulverizer and Method of Using the Same patent, US-2015050413-A1: Beverages including solid particulate matter patent, US-2010167165-A1: Copolymer, polymer electrolyte, and use thereof patent, US-2012141804-A1: Glass substrate patent, US-2012183758-A1: Mineral fibres and their use patent, US-2012241878-A1: Magnetic tunnel junction with iron dusting layer between free layer and tunnel barrier patent, US-2014286742-A1: Apparatus, system, and process for the automated retrieval and precise placement of small rods patent, US-2011002178-A1: Vertical non-volatile memory device, method of fabricating the same device, and electric-electronic system having the same device patent, US-2011278713-A1: Embedded component substrate, semiconductor package structure using the same and fabrication methods thereof patent, US-2012199916-A1: Semiconductor device patent, US-2013036587-A1: Apparatus for replacing or changing a shaving blade secured to a blade holder of an ice resurfacing machine patent, US-2013108696-A1: Coated capsules and tablets of a fatty acid oil mixture patent, US-2010090264-A1: Interconnect structure for semiconductor devices patent, US-2010094454-A1: Pan inverting and/or cleaning system patent, US-2010212496-A1: Adsorbent, process for producing the same, canister and method for using the same patent, US-2011103733-A1: Nanomechanical photonic devices patent, US-2011167214-A1: Method And Apparatus To Manage Non-Volatile Disk Cache patent, US-2011274179-A1: Grid Encoded Media Asset Data patent, US-2010172089-A1: Heat dissipation module and electronic device having the same patent, US-2012288970-A1: Heat treatment method and heat treatment apparatus for heating substrate by irradiating substrate with light patent, US-2010255659-A1: Reduction of watermarks in hf treatments of semiconducting substrates patent, US-2010301019-A1: Pipe Fabrication Equipment patent, US-2011141397-A1: Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device having the same patent, US-2010144892-A1: Method of producing organic certified glycerin patent, US-2011014371-A1: Painting robot and associated operating method patent, US-2011099788-A1: Final assembly machine and method of use patent, US-2011210440-A1: Stackable electronic package and method of fabricating same patent, US-2010072151-A1: Support systems and components for same patent, US-2012114761-A1: Skincare stimulant having a platelet dry powder patent, US-2010133188-A1: Polybenzoxazole Membranes Prepared From Aromatic Polyamide Membranes patent, US-2011073943-A1: True csp power mosfet based on bottom-source ldmos patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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